DMAPI (Data Management Application Programming Interface)

A new approach to storage management software.

My notes on DMAPI

This is my notes of using DMAPI with DVDVault under LINUX.  To get DMAPI installed, you need to do the following basic steps.  NOTE:  This is not for LINUX novices, there a lot of configuration steps that I assume you already know, such as how to configure options in the LINUX kernel, how to use the /proc file system, how to use file systems in LINUX, etc.

1. Install RedHat Enterprise LINUX 4.0 to save time.  Fedora Core 2 also works, but may be a little harder to setup.  The DMAPI code I found on the web was only up to 2.6.7, so I brute-forced the patches into 2.6.9

2. Copy in the JFS file system and kernel I have attached here and install it in your kernel source in /usr src.  This is a whole LINUX source directory (linux-2.6.9-DMAPI) due to problems with getting just the JFS code into another kernel.

3. Get the DMAPI daemon code from here and copy it into a working directory.

4. Get DVDVault here and copy it into the root directory.  Makre sure the DVDVault you get has the migration program modified to use extended attributes.

5. Install DVDVault and the DMAPI daemon (dmapid) and make sure to start the dmapid at boot time.

6. Mount  with :

mount -t jfs -o dmapi,mtpt=/dmtest/ /dev/mapper/VolGroup01-JFS_TEST /dmtest

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